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Berghain (Friedrichshain, Berlin), which are now seeking techno lovers from all over the world, was opened on the site for at least another popular club, Ostgut, famous for a bad reputation. Prior to January 2003, while Ostgut existed, there were about fetishists and staged an orgy in the so-called "dark room", but in 2004 on the site of a depraved club opened quite a decent place to put more than 1,500 people. Minimalistic design Berghain is consistent with the spirit of the party taking place here.

To say that Marcel Dettmann is one of the main hopes of today's techno, then do not say anything. Since then, as an influential Prussian citadel «Berghain» has achieved a truly global scale, and its name is inextricably pops up when describing the music that characterizes the best club in the world. Sexy and minimalistic, outspoken and assertive, "sound Berhayna" has long been the talk of the town, and Marcel, of course, is the main preacher of the sound.

History Dettmann as a DJ with a recognized talent originates from the club «Ostgut», which was the predecessor to the modern «Berghain / Panoramabar». Drawing inspiration from the early Detroit and Chicago recordings, he successfully combines them with raisins contemporary techno in his sets and projects the early heritage through the prism of his own consciousness at the wonderful songs that he releases on labels such as Ostgut Ton and MDR. 

At the same time introducing two legendary Berlin institution: the aforementioned club «Berghain», where Dettmann revered as the number one resident and a vinyl shop «Hard Wax», in which, oddly enough, finds an outlet in the shop assistant - Marseille is not just local star. Without any doubt, in the world of modern technology it - one of the most influential figures. This is confirmed by all: well-known DJs, snapping the plate Marseille from retail stores, music lovers, that give a party with his participation status «sold out»; and music journalists who have become perhaps the first genuine fans of «techno übermensch» («superman from techno" - Ger.) from Berlin. 

The latter, by the way, do not waste time in vain. Thus, the authoritative portal Resident Advisor in its 2008 ranking of DJ sets Marseille in the 11th position, ahead of such giants as Dubfire, James Holden, Loco Dice and Adam Beyer, and calls it the best techno artist of the year.The first Ukrainian speech Marcel Dettmann will be held in Kiev club «Prime» December 4.

Address: Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin - Friedrichshain
Tel.: 030 29 36 February 10
FC / DC: yes
Average price: $ 10-30

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